Throughout history the lives of ordinary – and extraordinary – women have often been ignored, their voices not considered worthy of recording. This project aims to rediscover these lost voices, through public documents, hospital reports, newspaper articles, private letters, diaries, oral histories and so on, and turn them into poetry, so that these women can be heard, their voices no longer silenced.


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  1. I wish this wonderful project could be retitled ‘Found poetry of lost people’ ….. the silence of the unacknowledged is surely not gender specific?

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your continued support for this project. I understand your concerns about gender. There are certainly many silent voices in history, but I choose to focus on these particular ones because they give a fascinating insight into social history. I started the project with source material from various female relatives and I thought it would be lovely to collect it all together and add to it. Submissions are very welcome from everybody! Best wishes


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