Housekeeping, 1960

Very many thanks for the loan.
I will pay you some back on Saturday.
I am really grateful dear and
so sorry I had to ask
but you were the only person I could ask.
I didn’t want to worry Peter anymore –
I know he hasn’t got it
otherwise he’d give it to me.

Life is very difficult when
one hasn’t enough money.
I mean really enough.
Mortgage. Rail fares.
Peter only has 30/- a week himself
and out of that he has to get
two meals a day six days a week,
razor blades etc etc.

Food is very expensive here
and somehow the housekeeping money
doesn’t go round – at least I
don’t seem to make it go round.
Oh well.

The children’s room looks so nice
now I’ve spring cleaned it
and changed it round.
Peter moved the furniture for me.

Must get on with my huge pile of ironing.
32 nappies washed today
apart from all the things
I did on Friday.
I have rather an impressive pile.

Contributor: Madelaine Smith is the manager of the Winchester Poetry Festival, and this year also managed the Winchester Science Festival. This may seem odd, but to quote Doctor Who, “Physics, poetry… same thing”. However while Madelaine has had a range of poetry published in journals and online, she has never written a scientific paper in her life.

Source: Words from a letter from my mother, Felicia, to her mother in 1960. My parents were living in a new house in Woking and my father travelled up to London each day where he worked as a Stage Manager for the Old Vic Theatre Company.

Image: w.User: Evil Monkey

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