Letter from a daughter

This is a letter between you and me –
a very special love letter
from a daughter to her Daddie,
who she loves more than anything on earth.

Read it on Sunday or when you can,
whenever you feel up to it.
I have been thinking of you all day
in everything I did you were there.

I went to Priory Street –
the old Priory, a ruin,
stood tumbledown, yet majestic.
Something called me into the gardens.

It was so lovely in the sun, and the birds
sang in time and in tune with
a choir singing in the church next door.
Hymn and birdsong both so full of praise.

I cried –
not because I was unhappy
but rather because I was
so unspeakably happy –

You are going to be well.
Your ordeal is over.
He has answered my prayers.
He is watching over you.

I am sending lots of love
over our special radio. No need
for that wonderful invention, the telephone,
or even words, to tell you what I feel.

Contributor: Madelaine Smith is the manager of the Winchester Poetry Festival, and this year also managed the Winchester Science Festival. This may seem odd, but to quote Doctor Who, “Physics, poetry… same thing”. However while Madelaine has had a range of poetry published in journals and online, she has never written a scientific paper in her life.

Source: Words (mostly) found in a letter from my mother Felicia to her father, Rev. J H Ward, after he had had a serious operation in 1952. He was 76 and she was 23 and living away from the Vicarage.

Source: Peter I Vardy


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