The Larder

The Larder is for perishable foods –
such as meat and fish, eggs, milk and cheese –
The temperature must always be just right.
You must not allow bacteria to grow.

Stone floor, wooden shelves, whitewashed walls –
the larder should be on the north of the house.
Outside, grow a tree to provide some shade;
Keep the dustbins and refuse well away.

Food should be arranged in an orderly manner –
Fish in one part, eggs in another –
Cover raw meat with a muslin cloth
and hang it from the ceiling in summer.

Once a week – every week –
Clean the larder thoroughly.
Whitewash the walls twice a year,
and wipe the shelves down daily.

Contributor: Madelaine Smith is the manager of the Winchester Poetry Festival, and this year also managed the Winchester Science Festival. This may seem odd, but to quote Doctor Who, “Physics, poetry… same thing”. However while Madelaine has had a range of poetry published in journals and online, she has never written a scientific paper in her life.

Source: Words from Felicia Ward’s “Domestic Science Book”, Bilston Girls’ High School, 1943

Image: Mr Thinktank

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