Letters Home, 1930

I’d better keep in your good books
and write you; I expect you heard
from home about my journey.
It was quite exciting you know.
It’s nice to have a change,
& journey down by three different vehicles,
car, bus & tram.

I think the country bus service is wonderful,
so exact to the time-table.
We were at the Garage at about half-past-eleven
& a bus was due through to Taunton
at ten-to-twelve. We waited & waited,
looked up the timetable
& the next one was 10 past one.
The first one came staggering along
at half-past-one. I suppose the other
came about tea-time!

The conductors are a scream.
As soon as we got near Taunton,
he jumped off & asked the driver
to look after the bus
while he went off for a bit,
& then the driver stopped at a baker’s shop
& brought his tea, what price Stan.

The weather isn’t very grand,
it’s stormy but it doesn’t worry us,
although of course we’d prefer it fine.
There are quite a number of people down here,
but I haven’t seen many Bristolians.

Tomorrow, if the weather is anything like,
we have arranged to go to Widdecombe
with Mrs & Mrs D.
It’s supposed to be lovely there,
& we shall go over the moors
& back by another way.

Last night, we went to see the talkies,
‘The Atlantic’, we did enjoy it (cried all night).
It was very good,
though I didn’t like the ending.

Well, I’ve some more writing to do,
so will ring off.
Will write you again,
to let you know any news.

Image: Lee Proudfoot

Source: extract taken from a love letter sent by Miss M, from Torquay, 1930

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