The Rich Gifts that Cost so Little

The best way he can ‘be prepared’
is with a gift set containing Old Spice
After Shave and Talc. For 75p
you couldn’t guide a girl
to a better gift.

For the smoothest grandad in town
Old Spice Lather Shaving Cream
and After Shave. 81p doesn’t leave
a Grandson broke for the rest of the year.

The best Dad you’ll ever have
deserves the best. A Burley gift set
at £1.30 isn’t cheap
but Dad can afford it!

Old Spice After Shave Pack and Talc
is a gourmet’s delight
and for only £1.08 you could end up
as the Plat de Jour.

Father Christmas finally gets his,
an Old Spice Presentation Set
containing Hair Cream, Stick Deodorant, Talc
and After Shave. At £2.65
Father Christmas’s wife thinks
it’s the investment of the year.

Even if he’s not ‘the best on the field’,
an Old Spice Burley After Shave
and Deodorant Gift Set at £1.25
can put you at the top of his league.

The best way
to get on the right side of the law
is with an Old Spice Lime Gift Set.
At £1.14 it’s better than the price
of a parking ticket.

When your son is almost a man.
A mother can’t do better than
give him an Old Spice After Shave
and Talc set at £1.02.

How to get the boy of your dreams
up the aisle. Dazzle him
with a Burley Smooth Shave, After Shave
and Deodorant set. At £1.79
it could pay off in diamonds.

Soothe the savage boss
with gift wrapped Burley After Shave.
96p isn’t much to pay
out of your future rise.

Welcome home sailor
to a cask of Old Spice After Shave.
For 86p you couldn’t get him
a better gift if you sailed
to the end of the world.

Source: Women’s Weekly, 18th December, 1971 

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