Apple Snow Balls

Take a dozen fresh apples, cut
them into quarters

and carefully remove the cores
then put them together,

having introduced into the cavity
caused by the removal of the cores,

two cloves and a thin slice
of lemon-rind into each apple.

Have at hand a dozen damp cloths,
upon each dispose of a liberal layer

of clean picked rice; place
each apple in an upright position

in the middle of the grain,
and to draw the sides of the cloths

containing the rice over the same,
tying them at the top

only sufficiently tight
to admit of its swelling

while under the operation
of boiling-three quarters

of an hour will suffice.
When released from the cloths

they will resemble snow-balls.
Open, add sugar, butter and nutmeg

to the fruit, and serve
them up to table.

The above will be found very wholesome
and satisfactory food for children.

Source: Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1863


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