Holiday Diary 1959 (Part 3)

We a look round the town,
unluckily it poured with rain,
but we saw the town, had a coffee
in a cafe. Lots of Americans
stationed here & they have lots
of houses in their station.
Off next AM still raining hard
& eventually got to Souillac
where we were lucky to get some rooms
unluckily only two so G & I
had to share again.
We were too late to go anywhere
& J was not well so he went to bed
& was very sick.
We had a lovely dinner & a saunter
through the street of the town.
To our astonishment the hotel was all shut up
by 10.30pm so we had an early night.
J not 100% next AM but B drove
& we got to Rocamadour
which was really worthwhile.
We found a niche in the rocks
& parked there, lucky we did
as the car parks were full.
We picnicked in the car
as it poured with rain
then we climbed the pilgrim way
up to the steps over 280,
a wonderful old town climbing
to the rock face years old.
We went in a chapel
where miracles are said to have happened
quite recently
& there are old shackles
& wooden legs & models of ships
from people who have been cured.
One of our King Henrys visited there
& it goes back before Canterbury.
Unfortunately it kept pouring hard
but we managed to get a good look
round in spite of
the occasionally torrential rain storms.
We got out eventually
& came across a very inferior surface
road but quite off the beaten track
which brought us right out
to where we were staying.
Dinner not quite so satisfactory
but we enjoyed it.
After another saunter we got to bed early.
Next AM we set off for Padirac caves
which we enjoyed immensely, going
right into the earth by lift & steps.
We walked along a passage
& got into a boat
& were rowed right into the rock face
& then walked and walked
& the rock formation was wonderfully exposing
& magestic. Quite unique.

Source: Holiday Diary written by Edith Joyes in 1959 of her travels through postwar France 


4 thoughts on “Holiday Diary 1959 (Part 3)

    1. Ahhh thank you Elly – but I’m afraid that’s the last one! The diary just stops at the end of part 3. There was another middle section I’ve left out with a funny piece about ‘a fiasco’ over a meal involving artichokes (!) but not much other interesting detail. Edith was my grandmother and was a very resourceful woman who always had a picnic basket close to hand as my grandfather would suddenly announce they were going somewhere.. He would fill the interior of the car with pound notes and spare parts and drive round Europe (you weren’t allowed to take much cash into Europe postwar so he hid it between car panels!). It was lovely to suddenly this diary in an old suitcase!

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