Holiday Diary 1959 (Part 2)

We saw an accident (genuine one?) the caravan had broken loose from a car & smashed its own side & two cars in its path. We stopped quite a long time at Villedieu to see the shops. Gay with bronze articles for which it is noted. On the way we looked in a new church at (?) which was demolished & the whole village is nearly new buildings. The route we are on is marked by boulders marking the march of the Americans to free the places in the war. We had a nice picnic just before Mont-Saint-Michel & fixed up our hotel by 5.30 just in Mont-Saint-Michel which was very nice as we were able to go & have a good wander round before returning at 8PM for a wonderful dinner. As we were so full up we went back to have a look round in the night life & it was very (…) & full of atmosphere. The famous pancakes were made & we saw the fire they were made over. Bed by 10.30 for me. We decided on an early start but G was bad in the night & we got off after 10AM. Had another wander round the battlements & inside the abbey which is wonderful & says much about the old days of building. G still not 100% but we went on to St Malo. Had our first real job fixing up for the night. Place packed with people but we managed to get some good ones in Ardevon with J & G together & B & J in another. We had a good meal after going in St Malo & walking round the battlements. After dinner we had a walk along the promenade before bed. Set off once more to St Malo & walked round the battlements. It’s all been rebuilt after the devastation of the war & faithfully copied. Crowds here are English people. G still not okay & we went to a chemist. We had missed the boat trip B wanted so went on to visit the lighthouse. Lovely coastal scenery all the way on the emerald coast & heavenly bays at Cap Frelel. Late by the time we had finished & tossed up whether to return or not to Ardevon but went on & on but couldn’t get fixed. At last we got fixed up at a village called Frehel – which was lucky as it was nearly 9.30. Had a good meal & as it was dark in the village & late we turned in. Quite misty next AM but hot. Packed up & on our way by 9.30. B tummy a bit upset from wine. Past some lovely places on our way to the island we wanted. Got to  Brehat  & still rather misty so decided to land on the isle first & go round later which we did. It was lovely but rather populated, but the coastline was rugged & treacherous to ships. We had a picnic & walked back to the quay (no cars or buses!!!!) to pick up a boat. It was a beautiful trip round the island & he landed at La Gast where we wanted to be. Met a nice English family from Kent who were delighted to hear us although they could speak fluent French.

Source: Holiday Diary written by Edith Joyes in 1959


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