Holiday Diary 1959 (Part 1)

Got up really early at 5AM & off to an early start for Dover, which we reached in record time & punctual for a change. The boat was a new French one powered by diesel & smelt vile in all parts of the boat coupled with cooking fat. About half way over she pitched & tossed & we had enough & we’re glad to part company with the ‘CompagnIe’. Once B had cleared the ship J took over driving & we made for St Omer having decided to go to Brittany. B again had 2nd thoughts & we got to St Berpaume which provided us with a lovely meal & an early night in bed by 10PM. I got up & dressed by 7AM & went to call B & G then proceeded to the kitchen to see if I could get early tea which I did. It included hot milk. We had breakfast & got on our way by 9.15 AM. Had a good run through pretty landscape to Rouen where we had a look round the cathedral which was badly damaged in the war so were not able to go in. Great thrill in seeing the spot where Joan Arc was burnt at the stake & tried in the law courts. Saw famous old clock, the oldest in the world. On again and found a lovely spot where we could see the large boats coming up the Seine. We had lunch at 2.20 pm. Packed up & on our way again. By nearly 6pm we reached the lovely port of Honfleur where it was so lovely & interesting we decided to stay & got a lovely bedroom each, in the oldest house we have ever been in. Had dinner & then a stroll round & to bed. Lights out 11 PM so doing quite well. Rooms over looked the harbour. It took quite a time with photos on Sun. and we had a good look round. Went inside a unique church, all of carved wood by local craftsmen over the years. A service was due to begin & we stayed until it did & left. Honfleur was the village from which [?] sailed to found Quebec in Canada. We moved on & passed such famous spots as Fromelles & Deuelle where we had a look round. Lovely sand & if weather warm much nicer than Cannes. On again to Bayeux where we were thrilled & amazed at the tapestry. It is a superb piece of work & is in a wonderful state of preservation. We had a peep in the cathedral, where a service was in progress. On a bit further, passing lots of places rebuilt during the war to Avranches where we were amazed to find the Mulberry harbour still there. It was a wonderful piece of work & a miracle how it ever took place. There is a museum & cinema giving the exact details & things that were used in the landing & is now called after Winston & the different generals who fought in it. We spent rather more tine than we imagined there, so went back to Bayeux to get fixed up. We got a lovely meal at Hotel Luxembourg & he got us two rooms outside, which were clean but very inconvenient. J & J slept together in a seperate room divided by a curtain in which were sleeping the hostess & daughter & mental-deformed son. B & G in another room. Still we slept & got up early & made a fairly early start leaving the town by 9.15.

Edith Joyes

Source: travel diary written by Edith Joyes in 1959.


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