Witch Trial

Good came to her last night
when her Mr. was at prayer
would not let her hear
hath one yellow bird;

stopped her Eares in prayer time,
the yellow bird hath been seen
by the Children,
Titubee saw it suck

Good between the forefinger long finger
upon the right hand
Saw Good [ther] practice witchcraft.
Saw Good have a Catt besides the bird:

a thing all over hair [ther]
Sarah Good appeared like a wolfe
to Hubbard going to proctors
saw it sent by Good to Hubbard

good [ther] hurt the Children again:
the Children affirme the same
Hubbard knew th[em] not being blinded by them

was once or twice taken dumb
herslefe i:e: Titube
Good cause her to pinch the Children
in their own persons

Saw Goods name in the booke,
the devell told her they made these marks
said to her she made ther marke
it was the same day she went to prison

Good [ther] came to ride abroad
with her the man shewed her
Goods mark in the book
Good [ther] pinched her on the leggs

being searched found it soe after confession
Nota S. G. mumbled when she went away
from Mr Parrass; the children after hurt
Dorothy Goods Charge ag’t. her mother Sarah Good.
That she had three birds
one black, one yellow:

that these birds hurt the Children
afflicted persons.
Nota None here sees the witches
but the afflicted themsleves

Charges Sarah Osburne with hurting the Children —
looking upon them at the same time;
not being afflicted must consequently be a Witch

Source: RECORDS OF THE TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF SARAH GOOD, 1692 (Summary of Evidence v. Sarah Good) With thanks to:

“Witchcraft at Salem Village” likely by F.O.C. Darley, Granville Perkins or William Ludwell Sheppard, ill. Published in “Pioneers in the settlement of America: From Florida in 1510 to California in 1849,” by William August Crafts, Vol. 1, p. 453, Boston: Samuel Walker and Co. 1876.

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