My dearest,
I awoke thinking in whatever part of the world
you were travelling,
your thoughts would fly to me.
But oh! Lovey mine, I do look older
since you went away.
a high tea in honour of my birthday.
I had previously made up my mind
to ignore the date
but little Sonny put his arms around my neck,
and kissed me many happy returns
in such a sweet little way,
I had a bag of grapes from Father,
2/6 each from Dad, Mother and Mabel,
and a new hat, quite a new shape for me;
Mrs Townsend remarked she never thought
I had such fair hair.
The hat is quite a simple thing:
pale grey velour cloth, ribbon of gendarme blue,
cost 21/.
Can you imagine me in it?

Source: letter from Mrs Dorothy Taylor of Leicester, England, to her husband, Harold, in Persia with the British Army, 3rd November 1919

Contributor: Louise Taylor is a poet and writer from Hampshire, with a particular interest in social history. She blogs at

Dorothy Taylor

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