Saturday’s Children

To keep babies pram dry.

Make a pillow slip
and mattress slip
from plastic or or nylon, put

pillow and mattress inside;
then sew tapes onto two places
at the open end,

or, better still,
sew this end up also;
it will keep them clean.

This nylon or plastic
will be much better this way
and won’t slip like a piece

laid on the top,
and will protect them from stains,
and is easily sponged.

For drying or airing

a tiny babies woollies, buy
one yard of small-mesh wire,
mitre the corners to cut down

and bend up some 3 or 4 inches
all round to form
a flat tray or basket, set

square at corners and hammer
into shape, also flatten
all jagged edges safely.

Give two or three coats of hard enamel,
suspend by corner cords, secure
to outdoor clothes line

or any convenient place indoors
where a current of air
can get around it.

New use for table runners

As table runners are out of date now,
I use my linen and crash ones
to make bibs for my granddaughters.

I cut them in two,
cut out for the neck.
I just have to sew shoulders and neck

and put on tapes.
For the oldest child
I make them a little longer,

put on a pocket
and put tapes at the waist;
these serve as pinafores.

Source: Miss M. Chesworth, Mrs E. Reid & Mrs Norrington from a page torn from a circa 1950s journal from a section titled ‘Weekday Pages For Women With Homes’


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