Friday’s Household

Steel Wool

After using steel wool
for cleaning aluminium saucepans,

I find it will last longer
and can be used again and again

without becoming rusty
if it is squeezed out thoroughly

in very soapy water,
then rubbed all over with soap

(keeping it as dry as possible)
before being left in a ball to dry.

I find also that soap alone
used with steel wool

gives a brighter shine
then if an abrasive is used.


When the east wind is very strong
the smoke is liable to come down

my sitting-room chimney.
To prevent this happening

I just open the window
about an inch in the bedroom

immediately above
so that the smoke then goes up

the chimney instead of puffing
down into the room below.

Source:  Mrs B.H. Mayer & Miss M. Barnett, from a page torn from a circa 1950s journal,  a section titled  ‘Weekday Pages For Women With Homes’

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Household

  1. I continue to enjoy this series of poems very much. You are truly helping to bring history alive. And for me, you are reminding me of my mother – helping me imagine her as a young woman with a family. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! For me too it’s a lovely, nostalgic way of keeping my family alive. Many of the recent posts have come from my grandmother and even the smell of the suitcase the papers are in transports me straight back to childhood!

      Liked by 1 person

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