Thursday’s Cooking

Dates and Apples

If you wish to roast some apples
but are short of sugar, try
using dates instead.

Prepare the apples
in the usual way,
and instead of filling

the hole with sugar, stuff it
with stoned dates,
and just sprinkle a little sugar

over the top.
Bake on a tin pan
with a little water.

You will find this
a very good and nourishing dish
and the children will appreciate it too.

Savoury Supper Dish

Small tin of H. beans, one onion,
two tomatoes, one egg.

Slice the onions thinly and cook in a little fat, skin and slice

the tomatoes, add to the onions, cook until soft, add the beans

and drop in the egg unbeaten. Stir until all are cooked. Serve

on toast or with fried bacon
and sausage.

To Keep Cheese Fresh

To prevent cheese
from going mouldy, take
a piece of cotton material

of suitable size
for the amount of cheese
in cheese dish. Soak

in vinegar, dry, and then wrap
the cheese in it and it will keep
fresh a good time.

Source: Miss M. L. Wallace, Mrs S. Price & Miss C. Crushes from a page torn from a circa 1950s journal from a section titled Weekday Pages For Women With Homes


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