Tuesday’s Sewing

Tuesday’s Sewing

Socks to Mat

All of my children’s white cotton socks,
(when they have got beyond repair)
I cut into long strips half inch wide.
I then cast on 60 stitches
with No. 8 knitting needles
and knit with plain
until the required length.

This I have found
makes a very good bath-mat
and will, of course, wash and boil
very well when necessary.

With a little coloured binding
and a small design appliquéd on,
they would make
a very welcome present.

Bottle Cover

If in want
of a a hot-water bottle cover,
to save buying,
take the bottom

of a man’s woolly vest, cut
the best parts out,
run up the sides,
also halfway of the bottom,

leaving a hole in the centre
just large enough
to take the tab of the bottle,
then hem the top

and run a narrow elastic at the top –
it keeps the bottle clean and tidy.
I always make my covers
in this way.

Cuff protectors

When chilly days are with us
and dresses and jumpers
have long sleeves,
it is a good idea to make
protectors for your cuffs.

You need a strip of material,
(cotton or silk is admirable)
about 1 yard long
and 6-8 inches wide.

Cut the material into two pieces
18 inches long
and sew the short ends together
to make a circle.

Make a hem top and bottom
and thread with elastic.

These protectors keep your cuffs clean
when doing dirty jobs
and can be pushed up the arm
when washing up etc.

The elastic will keep your sleeve
from slipping down your arm
and so avoid constant hitching up
with a soapy wet hand.

The material, being thin,
makes these protectors dry quickly
when becomes necessary to wash them.

Source: Mes Selby, Mrs Sillwood & Mrs Driver from  a page torn from an unidentified journal circa 1950s (?)


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