Monday’s Washing

Silk blouses
after washing rinse

in lukewarm water
into which two lumps of sugar

have been dissolved.
Blouses look fresher

and do not soil so easily
after this treatment.

Washing cardigans
before I wash

my thick woollen cardigans,
I always place the garment flat

and with big stitches tack
all around and up

and down the front.
By doing this I ensure

the garment will keep its shape
if properly dried.

Scorch remover
A simple way
of removing a scorch

from an ironed garment,
providing it is not scorched
too brown,

is to lay it flat
where the bright sunshine
will fall upon it.

This will take it entirely out,
leaving it clean
and white as before.

When pegging up stockings
or any thin material
liable to twist

or go over the line,
peg bottom of stockings
as well as top;

this will weight them
and they will not blow
over the line.

I find this
is an excellent thing
and it keeps them in good shape.

Source: Household tips from Mrs Colman, Mrs Hulse, Mrs Hyssett & Mrs Harris from a page torn from an unidentified journal circa 1950s (?)


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