The Breaking Of Mirrors

Like most women I carry a mirror
in my handbag. I’ve lost count
of the number I’ve broken.

Now if breaking a mirror
means seven years bad luck, my whole life
should have been a series of disasters.

It hasn’t been.
Like most people I have a mixture
of good and bad luck

and no complaints on that score.
On looking back
over the last couple of years,

one of the bad bits that sticks out
is setting a chip pan on fire.
Apart from a fright and a blackened wall,

no great harm was done.
And that wasn’t bad luck,
it was just carelessness.

Being stung on the lip by a wasp
wasn’t much fun.
Then there was the time

I dropped a hefty suitcase on my toenail,
which made me see stars.
Yet, during that same time

I forgot my handbag in the restaurant,
went back an hour later
and it was still there.

Ernie presented me with a small win
and as I have precious few premium bonds,
that was a stroke of good luck.

There are no such things
as “good luck spells”,
however some people have more

of their fair share
of good and bad luck,
but —

it has absolutely nothing
to do with breaking
or not breaking mirrors.

Source: Advice page, My Weekly, no. 3429, 1st September, 1979


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