The Parish Nurse

We have once more to ask
our friends’ kind subscriptions in aid
of the ‘Parish Nurse Fund’

which except for small fees
in certain cases, is dependent entirely
on voluntary contributions,

which, however small,
will be gratefully received.
There has been a Parish Nurse in Fittleworth

for the past two years
and we believe that she has proved
a help and comfort to many.

The chief object of the institution
to provide a competent nurse
for the families of labouring men,

but when disengaged,
the nurse’s services may be given
to other cases; in which case

some payment would be asked.
It is desired to make the sphere
of the nurse’s usefulness

as widespread as possible
and the ladies of the committee
will be glad at all times

to receive any suggestions
or complaints, and will give them
every consideration.

Source: Fittleworth Parish Records (?), 1882


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