Of Her Time

 One month for going on deputation,
two months for obstruction 
at Limehouse, released after
five and a half days hunger strike,

stone throwing at Radcliffe,
one month hard labour on each count,
hunger struck, forcibly fed,

hose pipe incident in Strangeways prison
and released at end of
eight days, arrested for setting fire to pillar-boxes

in city of Westminster, Holloway, remand
one week for above, sentenced at Old Bailey
six months imprisonment, hunger struck

twice with others,
twice forcibly fed, and released
ten days before sentence finished

on account of injuries sustained
in protest against forcible feeding, sentenced to
ten days imprisonment for assaulting a baptist minister

for mistake of Mr. Lloyd George
at Aberdeen Station, hunger struck and released after
four days’ fast, was arrested for great deputation

together with Mrs Pankhurst, had
three times hidden in House of Commons,
in hot air shaft, in crypt, marches in which took part.



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